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I was going to draw all 10 of them but i kinda gave up after finishing Seofon LOL So just have these four instead. Feower and Seox are my faves. #gbf #granblue #GRANBLUE FANTASY #feower #quatre #seox #six #seofon #siete #Tien #esser #erune #fanart #my art #rika-wawa #rikawawa #rika-wawa-art #rikawawaart If you donate at least US$10, you can become an OTW member! You'll receive a special member icon and the ability to vote in OTW elections.So far, we've raised US$ 230,238.48, surpassing our goal of US$ 130,000! Seofon Art CU offers 5 ways to follow us so your news feed will never lack new art and inspiration.

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Seofon GBF. Date: Jun 22, 2019 Notes: 572 Via: kapilavastu-deactivated20191219 Tagged: #gbf #seofon #art #q. raoh-01 liked this . usagihyung liked this . osmocelot liked this . mehjmehj liked this .

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Djeeta Gbf Age - Woodland Hills Towing

Gbf seofon

And that is Sword  Aug 14, 2018 One of these Eternals is a cheery guy named Seofon: he is the Eternals' Seofon is Suwabe's only character role in the game, and I wanted to be One of my favourite characters in GBF i'd like to get is o Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #Seofon gbf with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir.

Okay I need to share some love for one of my fave husbands who I feel definitely needs the love.
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In the gentle warmth of the afternoon sun, (Captain) polishes the Seven-Star Sword. It is at this moment that a certain swordsman casually makes his appearance. Seofon: Yaaawn Seofon meets with Anre and tells him he wants to decide who the strongest Eternal is. Anre is baffled by the peace-loving Seofon's sudden turn and suspects the Seven-Star Sword may be controlling him. See a recent post on Tumblr from @rainbowdonkee about gbf seofon.

I just realised I rarely post chibis here hiatus on GBF. but I miss Charlotta from our GBF artbook on 2016 still available on Comifuro XD really love this not so  One of the Eternals—they who stand astride the skies and across the path of any would-be calamity. Seofon seems rather carefree for the leader of the Eternals, but he's actually a proud and driven man. The fearsome powers he commands could shake the very heavens, but he wields them only to right the world's wrongs. A reference to Gyotaku (魚拓), the practice of recording catches by painting a fish with ink and then making a "print" of it. The print kanji (拓) in Gyotaku is the same kanji as in Spirit Swords, 剣拓 - Seofon makes an "imprint" of his swords.
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Gbf seofon

You tender words and gentle touch soothes the girl, and your magic healed her. Seofon … Seofon GBF. Date: Jun 22, 2019 Notes: 572 Via: kapilavastu-deactivated20191219 Tagged: #gbf #seofon #art #q. raoh-01 liked this . usagihyung liked this . osmocelot liked this .

To change your Revenant Weapon's element, you must create a precious-stone relic and feed it to your Revenant Weapon. GBF, seofon, Granblue Fantasy / Seofon - pixiv pixiv #granblue fantasy #siete #gbf #siete gbf #seofon #seofon gbf #eternal gbf #doodle. 36 notes. lazulines.
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Djeeta Gbf Age - Woodland Hills Towing

lazulines. Follow. I do not understand Siete/Seofon’s hair but I still love him +alternate expressions under cut. Keep reading. #seofon #siete gbf #granblue fantasy #gbf #myart.